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The Best Candy Floss in the World has arrived in Ireland!

Tallaght shopping centre
the square tallaght
Candy Floss Charlestown shopping centre
Candy Floss Dublin
Candy Floss Machine, Candy Floss Robotic
Best Candy Floss Tallaght shopping centre
Cotton Candy Ireland

Do you recall the taste of your childhood?

Here, you will discover the pure joy of candy floss in its most delightful variations and flavours!

Fluffy Candy Floss was born from the concept of reliving the nostalgic flavours of childhood with a gourmet twist, creating an incredible experience of explosive flavours and innovative designs.

In addition to the classic option, we proudly offer special flavours such as strawberry, mint, watermelon, and melon!

Indulge in this one-of-a-kind experience that only Fluffy can provide.

Candy Floss Machine at the square tallaght

A Unique Franchise


Introducing the first fully automated Candy Floss robot machine in Ireland, eliminating the need for an operator and offering easy and efficient maintenance.

Key features of the machine include:

  • 100% self-service operation

  • Acceptance of multiple forms of payment and offering refunds in case of any issues

  • Preparation of cotton candy in less than 2 minutes

  • Complete hygiene, with self-cleaning after each product is made

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